Should mold be visible after remediation?

If you still see or smell musty, you have more work to do. After a remediation, there should be no signs of water damage or mold growth. You may need to ask a mold remediation professional to find out if your mold problem is completely solved. If your old walls were affected by mold and you thought about applying mold-resistant paint, this might be a quick solution to the problem, but it won't eradicate the mold completely.

The small mold spores that are still present under the paint will continue to grow and become visible after some time. This makes it difficult to get rid of existing mold and you'll spend a lot of money on your remodeling project because you need to remove all the mold from the walls. The answer to this question depends on many factors, such as the magnitude of the mold problem, the surface on which the mold grows, and how skilled you are. In this case, a mold inspection and analysis can help confirm if the doctor or patient suspects that a mold problem exists.

Carpets or rugs that have experienced mold growth due to floods or standing water should be replaced, rather than cleaned with bleaching agents to prevent mold from recurring. The main reason why molds keep reappearing after they have been removed is excess moisture and the inability to eliminate all conditions favorable to their growth. In this case, a mold inspection and test can reveal if there really is elevated mold and where it is found. If the humidity is not controlled, even eliminating all the mold that grows in the building will only be a temporary solution.

Humidity is one of the main conditions that molds require to grow and if any source of moisture or condensation is not cut off, the mold problem may never be resolved. Mold problems go hand in hand with water problems, so when there's a water leak or flood that isn't resolved quickly, mold usually appears soon. The most important action, if you want to control mold growth in a building, is to eliminate the source of moisture that caused the mold problem.

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