Does mold go away once moisture is removed?

Mold doesn't dry out or die, but instead stays dormant for a while if moisture isn't available. This means that it can still grow back and multiply when exposed to any source of moisture. It's a common belief that dry mold is safe, but is this true? Yes and no. While mold spores don't multiply without a moisture source, they will reactivate and begin to grow once they come back into contact with water.

Even if you get rid of all the mold, if you have a moisture problem in your home or office, the mold will simply return when given the chance. If your home or workplace has been damaged by fire or flood, the services of First Call, a mold remediation company near you, are vital to ensuring that the problem doesn't happen again. As such, simply letting mold spores dry out without cleaning or cleaning them is not a good solution to any mold problem. But if it's more than that, it's best to hire a mold removal professional to do the job safely.

Mold spores (as well as any contaminated material) must be eradicated if you don't want the mold to grow again. If it's a larger area or if you can't see the mold yourself, you'll need a professional mold remediation team to come and analyze your situation. And while everyone responds to mold differently, countless studies show that exposure to mold spores can trigger reactions that range from mildly allergenic to pathogenic and even toxigenic. Mold Busters serves Ottawa and Montreal, helping you get rid of mold from your home safely and quickly.

While it's true that mold spores only multiply with a moisture source, dry mold spores can lie dormant for long periods of time, waiting for moisture to return.

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